SP200 Shore Power Converter

Using the latest modular design, the SP200 provides a highly reliable, clean and efficient shore power conversion system. Active front-end technology on each shore cord input enables maximum power transfer to the yacht. Drawing clean sinusoidal current at Unity Power Factor from any power source not only ensures minimum supply disturbances but increases power availability to its maximum. Multiple input converters can be connected to any supply available.

Protection from shore supply

Grain-orientated transformers, connected directly to the shore cord, guarantee galvanic isolation at the lowest possible weight. No common-mode RFI can reach the shore supply and there is no path for any currents which may be sensitive to the shore supply breaker.

Continuous clean power output

The output module delivers a clean, stable supply suitable for all types of onboard loads, from utility services (heating, lighting and air conditioning) to entertainment (television and audio) to marine (winch, pumps and navigational equipment).

Continuous clean output power

The output converter delivers a stable and clean waveform for powering onboard equipment. Loads range from utility services (heating, lighting and air conditioning) to entertainment (television and audio) to marine (winch, pumps and navigational equipment).

Built-in synchronisation

Built-in synchronisation allows for seamless transfer from shore to generator and vice versa. In addition, automatic synchronisation allows the SP200 converters to start on a live bus, minimising onboard control and automation sections to facilitate installation.

Unique modular design

The modular design makes the system compact and highly serviceable. In the unlikely event of a module failure, the system will continue to operate at a reduced capacity. Modules can be isolated and replaced with minimal downtime. On replacement, each module will automatically be configured ready for service.

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SP200 Shore Power Converter demonstration
See our Shore Power Converter in action.


I have been employed as a Chief Engineer on 65-90 metre motor yachts for over 10 years. During this period I have operated most of the market leader shore power convertors of which I have found some to be good and some to be truly terrible.

My experience with Kibo’s Magnus shore power convertor over the last 12 months - during which period she has been connected to shore power for over 7 months, has been very positive. The installation, operation and reliability of the unit has been excellent and all visiting service technicians have been helpful and knowledgeable. I have also found Magnus’s support and aftersales second to none with technical enquiries answered promptly regardless of the hour or day of the week.

I believe where Magnus truly excels is the quality of their products, which have been developed with the ease of operation, rapid diagnostic identification and future upgradability all at the forefront of their design, which to a busy yacht engineer is paramount. Magnus shore power convertors are pretty much a fit and forget appliance and it is reassuring to know that the shore power will be constant and reliable for extended periods alongside.

I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew Scales at Magnus and I will ensure that all future new builds that I am involved in are installed with their equipment.

Steve Dufton, Chief Engineer, M/Y KIBO

Benefits, Features & Options


  • Reliability and performance guaranteed
  • Lower operating cost with better efficiency
  • No interference with sensitive equipment
  • Protection from shore supply faults
  • Quiet trouble-free operation
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Easy connection for crew
  • Cabinet customisation as standard


  • Worldwide operation, wide input voltage and frequency range
  • Compatibility with shore supplies worldwide
  • Reliable connection to new generation pedestals with built-in RCD protection; no nuisance tripping caused by earth leakage
  • Maximum power transfer from shore supply to yacht
  • Designed for continuous and automatic operation
  • RFI protection to prevent onboard and shore supply disturbances
  • Pure sinusoidal clean output supply
  • Rugged overload capability
  • Built-in module redundancy without interruption of power
  • Seamless transfer between shore and generator
  • System can connect to a live bus, minimising control and automation
  • Parallel load share with generators for extra power
  • Power limiting through soft start and soft stop
  • Low-noise operation
  • Digital touch-screen user display
  • IP44 and 45°C rating as standard


  • Multiple independent shore cord inputs
  • Single/dual shore cord selector
  • Bow/stern thruster operation
  • Combined CleanNetTM operation when at sea
  • Water cooling
  • Shore cord Kw/h display
  • Cabinet colour


TYPE 3-phase active rectification
VOLTAGE 180 to 520 VAC (on request)
FREQUENCY 47 to 64 Hz
TYPE 3 phases, neutral, isolated earth*
VOLTAGE 208/120 VAC, 400/230 ffVAC
FREQUENCY 50 or 60 Hz
VOLTAGE DISTORTION < 2.0% (linear load)
OVERLOAD 10 minutes 125%
30 seconds 150%
PROTECTION Thermal, overload, short circuit
HUMIDITY < 95% non-condensing
EFFICIENCY OF SYSTEM > 92% typical (at full power)
COOLING Forced ventilation/water cooling optional
NOISE < 75dBA @ 2m
MOUNTING Bulkhead or floor
COLOUR Powder-caoted RAL 9010
INTERFACE 8.4" Graphical touch-screen
Control I/O analogue and digital
Modbus RTU RS485

60 KVA 1 Module Pair 1900 800 850 948
120 KVA 2 Module Pair 1900 1100 850 1910
OUTPUT: 3 PHASE 280V/120V 60Hz
100 KVA 1 Module Pair 1900 1000 850 1028
200 KVA 2 Module Pair 1900 1400 850 2153
OUTPUT: 3 PHASE 400V/230V 50Hz
100 KVA 1 Module Pair 1160 1010 850 828
200 KVA 2 Module Pair 1400 1300 850 1332
300 KVA 3 Module Pair 1300 2500 850 2171
400 KVA 4 Module Pair 2263 1600 1010 2592
500 KVA 5 Module Pair 1800 2350 1010 3005
600 KVA 6 Module Pair 1800 2600 1010 3648
700 KVA 7 Module Pair 1800 2850 1010 4228
800 KVA 8 Module Pair 1800 3100 1010 4960