About Magnus

Magnus Marine systems are built to deliver dependable marine power wherever you happen to be in the world. Chosen by many of the world's leading shipyards and luxury yachts, our systems guarantee comfort, convenience and safety. No more flickering lights, loss of picture on your television or your computers misbehaving – just a flawless supply.

Built for tomorrow's yachts, our systems significantly reduce harmful emissions and ensure the ultimate in quiet power provision when in harbour.

Every Magnus system is engineered precisely for an individual yacht and it's power requirements. While we are confident our systems will never let you down, all our products are backed by an exemplary support package which offers you total peace of mind which lasts well beyond purchase and installation.

Our purpose-built engineering site in the UK, boasts facilities which include 3D-modeling design and manufacture, with the latest high power test equipment for full factory testing.

Dedicated to serving our worldwide client base, we also have engineering support available in France, New Zealand and the USA.

Magnus Marine


Why connect to shore power?

  • Zero emissions and pollution in harbour
  • Reduced onboard maintenance and energy costs
  • No noise or vibration, greatly improving onboard comfort for crew and guests
  • No interference with neighbouring berths
  • No engineer supervision necessary
  • Exterior and interior kept clean and stain-free
  • Reduced demand for fuel bunkering, which saves cost and time
  • Minimal maintenance and servicing required
  • Increase in yacht's resale value
  • Complies with future harbour and government demands

Why use a shore power converter rather than an isolation transformer?

  • Connection to any worldwide shore supply: 50 or 60 Hz
  • No inrush, leakage current or phase sequence complications, making connection quick and simple
  • Protects onboard equipment from shore faults such as sags and surges
  • Regulated output with no crew intervention
  • Clean output power for all onboard equipment, including sensitive audio devices
  • No power disturbances when changing supplies: shore to generator and vice versa
  • Can run in parallel with onboard generators when extra power is required
  • Modular design reduces onboard space requirements
  • No hassles or doubts – just ease and simplicity

Unique Benefits

  1. Performance guaranteed
  2. Customised design offering huge flexibility which maximises space and improves ventilation
  3. We supply more than a product; from commissioning to assistance throughout the build or refit, we are part of the team

World-class design and manufacturing - delivering dependable marine power to the world's finest yachts.